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Best Florist in Sydney

Flowers are often the ‘go-to’ gift to show someone in your life that you care, but flowers are more than just a simple gesture. Each flower has its own meaning and subtext, communicating different emotions and sentiments.

Fleur de Flo has mastered the language of flowers and we guarantee that each arrangement will translate a unique message to the receiver. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what flowers to send for what milestone or event, so we’ve broken it down to help you make the best possible gesture for your loved one.

When people think of flowers, the first date that comes to mind is Valentine’s Day, and for good reason, it is one of the most romantic days of the year. Perhaps one of the most straightforward floral messages for Valentine’s Day are red roses, a symbol that will stand the test of time, but for couples who favour non-tradition, a bouquet littered with forget-me-nots is another option that indicates true love.

Another romantic date of the year is your anniversary, perhaps even more special as it is unique to only you and your partner. The arrangement for an anniversary should be personal and unique to the recipient. Note their favourite colours, flowers or scents. If you are at a loss then think white carnations to convey pure love, or calla lilies for beauty.

Birthdays are a date that is universally celebrated, so why not celebrate your partner, friend or loved one with a stunning bouquet from Fleur de Flo. Similar to anniversaries, a birthday bouquet should be unique to the recipient. Think of their likes and dislikes and apply this to the arrangement. For your significant other, think of carnations that represent fascination and divine love, whilst chrysanthemums are perfect to show friendship to your friends, for a parent moss symbolises parental love.

Sometimes flowers aren’t a means of celebration but instead but a means of showing someone you care. One instance of this may be condolence flowers. Purple hyacinths indicate sorrow whilst white hyacinths say ‘I will pray for you’. Make sure that you specify to your florist that they are condolence flowers, as the tone and mood of the arrangement should suit this particular occasion.

Often the best occasion to present a loved one with the gift of flowers is simply ‘just because’. Flowers for not particular reason other than someone special was on your mind, or because you want to show someone that you care. Surprise your loved one with lily-of-the-valley to say ‘you’ve made my life complete’ or maybe some orange blossom to signify eternal love. Spontaneous flowers aren’t always for significant others though, sometimes you want a friend to know that you miss them, send an arrangement littered with yellow roses, to convey friendship.

Every flower has its own meaning and message and it may be confusing to understand it all, but that’s why Fleur de Flo is the premier florist. Not only do we have arrangements that are pre-designed for quick purchases but we can also customise bouquets and arrangements to suit the occasion or person.

We understand that flowers are a gift and we treat them as such.