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It is not a coincidence that Florian, founder of Fleur de Flo is utterly fascinated by flowers. Florianus is an ancient roman name meaning flower. In the early age Florian always been intrigued of cuttings and growing plant, he decided to take horticulture course.

After several of years from cultivating plant and flowers, Florian learned all the different shapes and colours in the nature.

Back in 2004 Florian took a floristry course, whilst working at one of the most prestigious florist in Paris. He learned the specific skill set of arranging and displaying flowers for five stars hotel, prestigious events and weddings.

In 2010 when Florian arrived in Sydney he discovered the endemic Australian wild flowers, which molded with his European style. He blended the native Australian flowers to create a totally new form of artistically creative arrangements.

Through his many years of experience Florian has learnt a vast set of skills that he is able to employ in his creations. His understanding and knowledge of both plants and flowers is unparalleled.

This comprehension allows him to design and create exceptional arrangements for weddings, corporate, events or private requirements. You know that when receiving a Fleur de Flo design that it will be both creative and of high quality.

Florian is a talented florist who is keen to share his passion for floristry and design with prospective and current clients.

Florian pigeon